I recently had a conversation with my 21-year-old baby boy, Joel.  He is at a place in his life where he is contemplating a lot.  We had a good talk as I delivered him back to Grove City College last night.  One of the things I told him was that, at 47 years of age, I am still asking life questions.

Life is full of beginnings.  The photo I posted is very near the beginning of my relationship with my husband, Mark.  It was 30 years ago this summer that we began dating.  Amazing how time flies.

I began life as his wife in December of 1984.  Then I started life in a new town, new job, new church.

In January of 1987, I began to learn what it was to be a mother when my first son, John, was born.

As all you parents know – that opened up a whole new world of daily beginnings.  Just when I thought I’d mastered some parenting skill (pottytraining) a new challenge would rear it’s ugly head.

Now that my three children are grown (25, 23 and 21)…I continue to begin again.  I never really thought about the truth that when your hands-on parenting is done…the job is not over.  Oh, no….  Now, it’s just in a different format – more distant with a lot more quiet observing – but continuing nonetheless.

I have had the opportunity to learn to be a mother in law to my son-in-law and daughter-in-law.  Mother-In-Law jokes have been big through the annals of time.  It takes a lot of thought and intentionality to overcome those stereotypes!

And NOW… my first grandson, Luke, is about to be born to my middle child, Olivia.  I will begin as Grammie when I look into his eyes.

It is unfortunate and yet necessary that I am also experiencing perimenopause.  That is a whole ‘nother blog.  Oy.

I think it takes the first 40+ years of life just to realize that there will always be changes.  Nothing is ever totally mastered and, even if it was, by that time you don’t need it anymore.  As I look over the above list, I have to say, “No wonder I’m so tired!”.

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